7 Simple In Kind Donation Fundraising Ideas For Profitable School Fundraising

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Because we no longer live in idyllic “Leave it to Beaver” style world, it has become important to make sure fundraising is being done safely so our children are protected. We don’t always know our neighbors now so we must take extra precautions in our fundraising efforts. This doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have a profitable and successful fundraiser.

Follow these tips for a great fundraiser.

1. Door-to-Door fundraising

When using door-to-door canvassing for what is an in-kind donation fundraisers, it is crucial that parents go with young children to all of the households they plan to offer their fundraising products to. Be extra safe – even households where you know the people are best attended with a parent. Also go during daylight hours – there is no need to go fundraising after dark.

2. Use contacts that you know

It is best to start with friends, family and parent’s co-workers when starting your fundraising efforts- these people want to support you or your child’s group and will be happy to help if they can are of course your safest option as well.

3. Store Front Fundraising

If your group is planning on soliciting people at stores for fundraising products, make sure the store policy allows for this first. Second, work in teams with always at least one parent or group leader present AT ALL TIMES. Also, stick to daylight fundraising.

4. Stick with reputable companies when planning your fundraiser

When searching for cookie dough fundraising, scratch card fundraising, Spinners fundraising, and candy fundraising – it is good to research and make sure the company you are dealing with is a reputable company. By making safety a priority, you will find your fundraising efforts more pleasurable and therefore more profitable.